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Total External Counter Pulsation TECP® 

Prevention is better than cure. Better be late than never. The purpose of TECP® procedure is to revascularize the heart by having collaterals and new blood vessels formation. The heart supplies blood to the whole body during systole (heart pumping blood out) and recieved its own supply during diastole (heart muscle relax). It is during this phase (diastole) that the venous return is increased by having external calf that pump in more bllod into the heart. This process indirectly enhanced the blood supply system around the heart. 

It is also proven that the external counter pulsation will also revascularize other part of organs such as the brain, the eyes, kidney and used to treat erectile dysfuntion secondary to circulatory issues.


External Counter Pulsation using EECP proves to reduce incidence of angina and recommended to manage Coronary Artery Disease of Type IIA of the New York Heart Association (NYHA) classification 

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The total management of patients undergoing External Counter Pulsation will include lifestyle modification, role of nutrition, supplements and optimum medication.

The procedure will be supported by pre and post External Counter Pulsation heart screening to ensure quality and efficacy of service.

External Counter Pulsation procedure is suitable for;

1.  Maintenance of general wellbeing

2. Optimum heart rehabilitation after stenting / bypass

3. Reducing chest pain in patients with stable angina.

4. Revascularization of the blood vessels in the brain, heart, kidney and prostate.

5. Treatment of erectile dysfunction (circulatory cause)

6.  Prevention of heart attack in high risk patients with chronic diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and High Cholesterol.

7. Prevention of heart attack in job focus executives with sedentary life style.

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