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Basic Laboratory & Emergency

Mindaku Polyclinic has been equiped with in house basic laboratory service whereby certain test such as Full Blood Count can be done as early as 15 minutes.

This test will help in the diagnosis of anemia (low hemoglobin), to determine types of anemia, to differentiate bacteria and viral infections, to determine severity of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever by getting the platelet level of a patient

Be part of us for a fast and accurate service, comfort and convenience yet affordable and convincing diagnosis.

Rest assured for a thorough and effective service that will save your time and money.

Early diagnosis will lead to early intervention, early recovery, functional activity and immediate productivity achievement. 

Young Doctor

ECG services provide emergency and early detection of Ischaemic Heart Disease and Myocardial Infarct.

Our staff is trained to handle other emergency services such as acute asthmatic attack, motor vehicle accident, cornea foreign body removal, simple ear toilet for ear pain due to impacted wax and many more.

Facilities at the clinic includes, a special parking for ambulance services, wheel chair friendly entrance, private ambulance services back up, a nearby MSU hospital emergency back up for critical and severely ill patients.

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