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Theradome Hair Treatment

Theradome is a form of light therapy to ensure hair growth. It is a proven technology approved by FDA. In one of its study a 200% improvement of thickness, volume and density were noted in 60% of cases who use it for 10 weeks. 88% of improvement noted in respondents who use it for 18 weeks. 98% of improvement noted in respondents who use it for 26 weeks.

Theradome therapy is painless, comfortable to wear over the head, soothing in temperature, portable, safe and highly practical.  There is no cord attachment whereby a person wearing it can do their household chores at the same time. Treatment lasted for 20 minutes and recommended for at least two times per weak. Theradome hair treatment can be combined with other form of hair treatment.

Theradome does something that no other hair loss/thickening medication or product can do. It actually tweaks the hair growth cycle to your advantage. When applied to hairs at the start of anagen, Theradome’s medical grade lasers extend the growth phase to promote hair growth.

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Hairs at the end of their growth phase enter the transitional catagen phase at an increased speed, in order to accelerate the birth of a new hair follicle. This allows catagen hairs to enter the telogen rest phase at an accelerated pace. This forces telogen hairs to shed faster, allowing a new, healthy hair follicle to form and flourish with an elongated growth phase that reaches the 6-year boundary.

Theradome stops hair loss, and promotes new hair growth. It helps to strengthen existing hairs. For those who wants to stop their current hair loss, it can produce results in as soon as 4-6 weeks from the start of treatment. First, it will miniaturize hair loss by slowing it down. Second, it will reverse miniaturization by thickening existing hair. Lastly, it renews and promotes new hair growth. The timing of results may be different as individual results may vary. Achieving effective results requires time and patience and indeed very rewarding. The best part about the Theradome is that there are zero side effects.

This treatment is suitable for Androgenetic Alopecia, a receding hairline, or looking to strengthen their current hair. Theradome is designed to prevent and effectively treat the earlier stages of hair loss, for women and men. Additionally, it’ s ideal for anyone leading a busy life who doesn’t have time to visit a clinic twice or a week or would like to save money on clinical strength hair loss prevention treatments.

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